United States is one of the largest countries in the world and filled with lots of history, natural and architectural wonders. It’s so huge that if you want to enjoy the culture, region-based cuisine, and sights, you have to ignore the flights. This is why a cruise can be a perfect way to enjoy everything by being a part of it. The authentic USA can be tested by a river cruise.

US River Cruise

The best part is, you won’t be confined in the flight seat. Normally, cruising will be for multiple days. You will be able to enjoy the riverside, local cuisine in the port, enjoy historical, natural and architectural sites and many more. It’s like cruising in the heart of America. You can enjoy everything without a passport, all first-class amenities, and features. Cruise also stops at different ports so that you can enjoy the local foods, shores, and cultures. Most cruise comes with outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, trekking, kayaking, etc.

Before going on a cruise, you should remember some necessary information. Normally the cruise is a trip for multiple days so you need to be prepared for that. The surroundings will be breathtaking but you should also remember about seasickness. Don’t forget to take some sea sickness pills with you.

Below, we have handpicked some of the best US river cruises that you should try in 2019. Let’s get started,

  • Memphis to New Orleans
  • Pacific Northwest: Columbia and Snake Rivers
  • St. Paul to St. Louis: Upper Mississippi River
  • Hudson River Valley, New York
  • Waterways near Juneau, Alaska
  • Charleston, South Carolina, to Jacksonville, Florida
  • The Islands of New England
  • Toronto to Duluth, Minnesota

Memphis to New Orleans

One of the most popular cruises in the USA for its comfort and convenience. This 8-day cruise will let you enjoy Memphis, Tennessee, New Orleans, St. Louis, Minnesota. You will sail through the famous and iconic river Mississippi. The main highlights of this amazing cruise are music, cuisine & cultures of some of the vibrant cities of United States. You will be able to enjoy the surroundings of the Mississippi River. On its way, the cruise will stop at different local and historical places such as southern plantation homes, historic mansions and civil war battlefields. Onboard you will find all entertaining & relaxing facilities. You can also take a steamboat from New Orleans to Memphis.

Pacific Northwest: Columbia and Snake Rivers

This seven-day cruise will let you enjoy the scenic beauty of Portland, Oregon, Clarkston, and Washington. The cruise will stop at natural and architectural sites as well as historical landmarks. Some additional features of the tour are zip line above Oregon, native American history lessons and wineries tour. The cruise itself is quite large with 5 decks and 223 rooms for guests.

St. Paul to St. Louis: Upper Mississippi River

This river cruise leaves its port in every autumn. Autumn is the time when the Upper Mississippi river flourished with all its beauty. The colorful riversides show all its color to the tourists. You will stop at Amish Country in La Crosse, Wisconsin, John Deer Agriculture facility at Iowa & Hannibal, Missouri. This 9-day Cruise is a perfect way to learn about the upper Mississippi river culture and traditions.

Hudson River Valley, New York

This 8-day cruise will let you follow the footstep of Henry Hudson who explored the area in 1609! This cruise will be different from other traditional cruises. Instead of just natural scenic beauty, travelers will enjoy art centers, area of millionaires, museums and 2 of the capital cities of America, Poughkeepsie and Albany. The Hudson River valley turns itself into photography when the sun lights up the Hudson River Valley. The cruise will sail pass the Saugerties Lighthouse and West Point Military Academy. 

Waterways near Juneau, Alaska

This 32-passengers all-inclusive cruise will sail through the straits and fjords and will remind you about grizzlies and glaciers. This relatively small cruise will sail from Alaska’s capital to small towns and cities near the coast. Natural and wildlife sightseeing is a great addition. It’s a kind of adventure cruise where you will get the chance of hiking, trekking, and Kayaking. Trekking across the glaciers is a never before itinerary of this cruise.

Charleston, South Carolina, to Jacksonville, Florida

This 8-day cruise will let you get a lesson in Southern History & discover the Lowcountry. It’s said that Southern hospitality is flourishing and you will find it along the waterways. You will sail through some popular river and waterways. Along with the cruise, you will stop at Beaufort, Savannah, Georgia, and St. Augustine. Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the sunset, live oaks, Jekyll and Amelia Islands.

The Islands of New England

This 7-day cruise will leave from Warren, Rhode Island and also return to the same spot. On your way, you will sail through serene beaches, towns and many more. It carries fewer than 100 passengers so it will be less crowdy. Two of the popular tourist attractions: Nantucket Island and Vineyard will be in your tour itinerary. Gorgeous seaside resorts will be your stop too. Enjoy the delicious cuisine of lobster, local beers and saltwater taffy.

Toronto to Duluth, Minnesota

Unlike other river cruises, you will need a passport for this cruise. Because you will sail into Canada. This 11-day cruise will sail through 5 of the great lakes including Lake Ontario and Lake Superior. One of the stoppages will be the Niagara Falls, a popular tourist destination. You will also visit Presence Presque Isle of Michigan, Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village and Mackinac Island.

A river cruise is completely free from Jet lag and long flights. Yes, river cruising is not just sailing but it also stops at ports. A port is not just a place to stop but also a place to learn about history, culture and many more. Every cruise will come along with a guide who will teach you about local history and tourist attractions. It’s not just a cruise but a journey through history, delicious foods, local culture, and fascinating scenic beauties. Get on board a river cruise and you won’t be disappointed!

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