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Australia, a continent as well as a country located between the Indian Ocean and South Pacific. It’s a country with lots of surprises for its travelers. Mountains, tropical rainforest, Great Barrier Reef, coastal cities, deserts, red sand outback and countless more can be seen in Australia. It also hosts some of the unique wildlife in the world which are only present in Australia.

Spectacular natural sceneries, wildlife, and urban centers are the pride of Australia. And yes, you will obviously enjoy the national animal of Australia, the Kangaroos, and the ferocious saltwater crocodiles. Australia has countless things to see and enjoy. Below we have handpicked some of the best vacation spots in Australia which you should never miss.Best Vacation Spots in Australia

Almost every traveler’s dream is to travel to Europe but it can be fairly expensive. Being the most popular travel destination, traveling around Europe is not cheap if you don’t know the “travel hack”. Yes, we can call it a travel hack because you can travel around Europe with the cost of a good meal!

Recently, the travel price has gone down due to weak economy, currency exchange rate, sharing economy, availability of budget airlines & bus options, etc. In this article, we will discuss the cheapest ways to travel around Europe. I will also show you when it’s the best time to use these cheapest ways.Cheapest Ways to Travel Europe

United States is one of the largest countries in the world and filled with lots of history, natural and architectural wonders. It’s so huge that if you want to enjoy the culture, region-based cuisine, and sights, you have to ignore the flights. This is why a cruise can be a perfect way to enjoy everything by being a part of it. The authentic USA can be tested by a river cruise.

US River Cruise

Cruising is one of the best experiences a traveler can get. A cruiser can experience beach, nature, sightseeing, ports attractions, visit other countries, resort-like amenities – all in one vacation! But still people do fear about cruising! Some may feel confused or feel terrified of booking a cruise by watching those sinking ship movies such as Titanic or Poseidon. If you are scared of cruising and afraid of being in the middle of the ocean for so long, then you are not alone. Let me make cruising simple and understandable to you. Most often times, knowledge is power! The more you know of the cruise basics and the things to expect in cruising, you will feel more confident and be more interested to book your first ever cruise without hesitation.

With its 4.46 Billion population, Asia is also a heterogeneous continent with individual countries & distinct cultures. That’s why for every traveler, Asia is a must visit area. It holds 30% of the world’s total land mass. So, you will find a variety of things to do & see.

To make your life easy & plan your trip to Asia easily, we have created top bucket list destinations to visit in Asia in 2019! Let’s get started,

Having the best all-inclusive resort experience is always rare, many offer mediocre foods when the place may be just amazing or inauthentic to a place that may offer the best services. But if you are looking for the Adults Only All-Inclusive Resorts for Honeymoon Travel and Romantic Getaways, these resorts are the best among the bests. Here is a list of 25 Best Adults Only All-Inclusive Resorts for Honeymoon Travel and Romantic Getaways. If you can think of other resorts that you want us to include in this list, feel free to comment below.

Two months before October, we were still undecided of where to go for my husband’s 40th birthday getaway. As I made my travel plans for his birthday, I simply narrowed it down to a few places where he could do what he loves doing on his birthday: travel, drink and dance! I wanted it to be more memorable. I knew there were plenty of vacation places to celebrate, but we wanted to do something different. We planned to invite a group of relatives and friends with us, as well. After careful deliberation and long hours of internet research, we decided to go to Jamaica. Two other couples were able to join us for this trip.

Why Jamaica?

We live in the Midwest, where October can be considered a bit chilly. We first thought about Las Vegas, but then, we’ve been there before! If we wanted more fun, it’s better to go somewhere none of us have ever been. We were looking at the options of going international but preferably not that far because we were only looking for a 5 day/4 night getaway. After all, Jamaica became the top of my list of vacation destinations.

Jamaica, like any typical Caribbean island, has a tropical climate and not only offers the best white-sand beaches and luxurious hotels, but it also has the perfect options for outdoor activities and nightlife. Jamaica is well-known for having numerous duty free stores, fast food chains, clubs, bars and restaurants. If you are looking for nature, adventure, or sightseeing, Jamaica is loaded with waterfalls, springs, rivers, and streams. As most people know, it is the home of the famous Bob Marley, trust me, Jamaica is more than just rum, sun, and reggae. Jamaica is famous for its numerous all-inclusive resorts. Most of these resorts offer everything you need to enjoy your birthday getaway like fine dining and snacks, sports activities, nightlife among other things so you don’t need to leave your resort. All-inclusive resorts comprises of all meals and snacks, alcoholic beverages, taxes and tips, transfers to/from the airport (some resorts), most water-sports activities, and resort entertainment. Other luxury resorts even offer free golf, scuba diving, as well as off-site excursions for free!